Point of Care® (POC)

Improve patient care by identifying patients that require preventative tests and screenings!

You can make Point of Care® Solutions available as a clinical tool in your practice to optimize patient care, while seeing significant improvements in your P4P scores.

Point of Care® is Intelligent Healthcare's fully integrated web-based system for managing patient information most effectively. You and/or your staff can:

  • Identify patients that require preventative tests and screenings so you can implement quality performance standards
  • Access and view Pay for Performance (P4P) Disease Registries
  • Make changes to your P4P patient data and see these changes reflected immediately
  • Print patient’s progress report for your records
  • Generate patient reminder letters with your physician signature
  • Monitor and improve patient care and P4P scores

Schedule an in-service training today and see your P4P scores improved!

For more information or to schedule a Point of Care in-service, please contact (562) 602-1563 x 282.