What You Can Do

Improving Your Scores

The physician’s responsibility is to re-determine each patient’s health status at least once a year. To successfully accomplish this, we highly recommend the following steps:

  • Fully assess and evaluate every patient’s chronic conditions once a year, using the problem list as a tool (PDF)
  • Thoroughly document ALL significant conditions evaluated in the progress notes
  • All chart documentations must be concise, clear and legible
  • The physician’s signature and credential must be on each chart entry as a condition of payment from CMS
  • Code to the Highest Level of Specificity, using 4th and 5th digits as needed (please refer to our RA tool kit for further details)
  • Code ALL significant diagnoses exactly as you would for Fee-For Service
  • Current year version of ICD-9-CM 2012 must be used for accurate diagnostic coding
  • Superbills must be updated, expanded and revised yearly
  • Attend our Risk Adjustment Training by contacting (562) 602-1563 ext. 497 for more information